Zone Frequently Asked Questions Answered

What kind of flavors do Zone Flavored Syrups offer?
Zone offers a wide variety of over 35+ unique and exciting flavors to explore! We have everything from classic favorites like Mojito and Blue Curacao to trendy and fruity options.

Do Zone Flavored Syrups contain alcohol?
No, Zone Flavored Syrups are non-alcoholic.

How long do Zone Flavored Syrups last after opening?
For the best quality, store your opened bottle of Zone Flavored Syrup in a cool, dry place away from sunlight and use it within 12 months.

How much syrup should I use?
We recommend starting with 30ml. The amount of syrup you use depends on your personal preference and the drink you're making.

What can I use Zone Flavoured Syrups in?
Zone Flavoured Syrups are suitable for mocktails, cocktails, iced teas, coffees and much more.

How many flavors do you offer?
Zone frappe powders come in 3 flavors chocolate, coffee, and vanilla.

Are Frappe Powders suitable for hot drinks?
Frappe Powders are specifically designed for cold blended beverages.

Are Frappe Powders only for coffee-based drinks?
No, you can use frappe powders in various milkshakes, coffees, shakes etc

Do I need a special blender to make frappes with Zone Frappe Powder?
No blender is needed with Zone Frappe Powders.

How much Zone Frappe Powder should I use?
You can make any drink with 30g of Frappe, rest you can adjust as per preference.

How should I store Frappe Powders?
It's best to store Frappe Powders in a cool, dry place, away from direct sunlight. Ensure the container is tightly sealed to maintain freshness.

What does Zone Mojito Syrup taste like?
Zone Mojito Syrup captures the perfect blend of mint, lime, and a touch of sweetness.

Does Zone Mojito Syrup contain alcohol?
No, Zone Mojito Syrup is non-alcoholic. To create a mojito cocktail, you will need to add alcohol separately.

How long does Zone Mojito Syrup last after opening?
For the best quality, store in a cool & dry place. Away from Sunlight and use it within 12 months.

Can I use Zone Mojito Syrup in other drinks besides mojitos?
Absolutely! The refreshing flavor profile of Zone Mojito Syrup makes it a versatile ingredient. Try adding it to iced teas, lemonades, sparkling water, or even cocktails for a unique and flavorful twist.

How much Zone Mojito Syrup should I use?
You need to add 30ml of Mojito Syrup for the perfect flavour.

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