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Quick and easy way to make delicious coffees, shakes and more . Perfect for cafes, restaurants, and HORECA owners. Enjoy instant refreshment!

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Skip the hassle of squeezing lemons and increase your efficiency with 2x the strength of a regular lemon

Unveiling our Story: A Legacy of Passion and Perseverance

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Our Top Partners

Our association with renowned names in the industry speaks of our commitment to excellence. Whether it's empowering a small startup or fueling the success of top bars, we are here to lend our expertise.

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  • Mocktail / Cocktail Syrups

    Experience an exceptional collection of over 50 expertly curated flavors created specifically for hospitality professionals and at-home consumers.

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  • Fruit Crushes

    Discover a wide variety of over 10 premium and exclusive craft-made natural fruit crushes. Elevate your milkshakes, smoothies, lemonades, slushes, and more

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  • Bar Machinez

    Elevate your beverage creation with our expertly curated collection of bar accessories, handpicked to simplify the preparation process.

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Why choose ZONE over others

Why choose ZONE over other Brands

ZONE Other Brands
50+ Beverage Solutions
Consistent Stock Availability
Pan India Delivery
Customer Support
Helps increase profitability
750+ Distribution Partners
Experience and Trust Established since 1999, with a family legacy of over years Relatively new in the industry
Innovation Consistently introduces fresh flavors and new products annually to cater to customer preferences. No innovation
Process Prepare under 30 seconds without any special equipment Tedious process and requires special equipment and knowledge
Recipes and Training Manual 500+ recipes and product / training manuals No recipe videos