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Explore Frappe Powders

Quick and easy way to make delicious coffees, shakes and more . Perfect for cafes, restaurants, and HORECA owners. Enjoy instant refreshment!

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  • Flavoured Syrups

    Experience an exceptional collection of over 50 expertly curated flavors created specifically for hospitality professionals and at-home consumers.

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  • Fruit Crushes

    Discover a wide variety of over 10 premium and exclusive craft-made natural fruit crushes. Elevate your milkshakes, smoothies, lemonades, slushes, and more

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  • Bar Machinez

    Elevate your beverage creation with our expertly curated collection of bar accessories, handpicked to simplify the preparation process.

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Industry First Innovation: Explore the innovative packaging and the exclusive launches

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  • Coffee Frappe Powder

    Zone's Coffee Frappe Powder provides a distinct cold coffee flavor and is a great way to experience the taste of a classic Indian cold coffee.

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  • Vanilla Frappe Powder

    Zone's Vanilla Frappe Powder boasts an irresistible vanilla flavour, this powder is perfect for blending into a rich, creamy frappe for the perfect refreshment.

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  • Chocolate Frappe Powder

    Zone's Chocolate Frappe Powder features the perfect balance of sweet and cocoa for every sip. Enjoy a creamy frappe that doesn't compromise on taste.

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Unveiling our Story: A Legacy of Passion and Perseverance

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  • Kala Khatta

    Introducing our latest launch: a flavor that will transport you back to your childhood. Savour the same taste of kala khatta ice gola in your drinks now.

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  • Tropical Fruit Beer

    Introducing our new launch, a non-alcoholic fruit beer syrup that captures the essence of the beloved childhood drink.

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  • Apple Twist

    Discover a new and unique twist on apple flavor with our Apple Twist Syrup. Experience a taste unlike anything you've tried before.

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  • Caramel Syrup

    Discover the exciting world of our new launch. Experience the delightful and irresistible taste of our caramel syrup in your favorite drinks.

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Our Top Partners

Our association with renowned names in the industry speaks of our commitment to excellence. Whether it's empowering a small startup or fueling the success of top bars, we are here to lend our expertise.

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Know About the ZONE Rebranding

Discover the brand and what went behind it

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