Blind Taste Test: A Case Study on Overcoming Perceptions about Zone

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I know by now you must be intrigued that this guy truly does not give up. He keeps on sending some trinkets with a bit of trivia. Today, I’m excited to share an eye-opening case study we conducted for a premium cafe in Delhi and their Head of F&B, who believed that international brands had a stronger appeal to their customers.

Case Study

A premium cafe in Delhi had been using our competitor’s products for their menu for the past 7 years. Their Head of F&B was reluctant to reengineer the menu based on our offerings, claiming that our products were not up to the mark compared to the competition. Determined to prove our worth, we organized a blind tasting demonstration.

In the blind taste test, the bartender prepared drinks using both our products and the competitor’s products, without revealing which was which. The panel of tasters couldn’t distinguish any significant differences between the drinks. We then asked them to guess which drinks were made with our products and which with the competition's.

To add another layer to the test, we displayed the products in front of the drinks but swapped the contents – the competitor’s bottle was filled with our product and vice versa. The panel voted for the drink in the competitor’s bottle as the better offering. When we revealed the switch, the panel was astonished. The bartender, who supervised the entire process, confirmed the switch, and the Head of F&B was convinced of our product's quality.

As a result, the cafe switched to our custom offerings, citing significant cost savings and superior quality. We successfully bagged the order, replacing their existing vendor.

Our Expertise

Having worked with over 3,200 establishments over the past 25 years and helping churn out 72.6 million drinks, we understand your needs intimately. We are just a phone call away, ready to help elevate your beverage offerings and add significant value to your bottom line.

Let us know when you’d like to schedule a meeting to explore how we can bring the same success to your establishment.

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